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Dealing With Foxtail In Your Hay

Foxtail is very commonly found in horse hay. Foxtail is a common meadow grass that has soft brush like flowering spikes. Unfortunately, it is hard to bale hay without getting foxtail mixed in as well. If you have a load of hay delivered to your farm that contains foxtail, it doesn’t mean the hay is […]

Farrier – Owner Relationships

When you find a good farrier, do whatever it takes to keep him or her happy. Farriers, sometimes called blacksmiths, have one of the most challenging and difficult jobs in the equine industry. They constantly deal with difficult owners and horses. It is a very competitive business, so they have to work hard to maintain […]

Potomac Horse Fever Information

  In response to the recent cases of Potomac Horse Fever in Virginia the veterinarians at Blue Ridge Equine Clinic would like to offer the following advice. If your horse has been vaccinated for PHF after May 1st of this year, boostering at this time is not likely to offer any significant benefit. If your horse […]