Saddle Fitting

Valley Division team members Dr. Tabby Moore, Dr. Julia Hecking, Dr. Tracy Norman, and April Shultz teamed up with Robin Moore of World Equestrian Brands this week to discuss saddle fit and how it is affected by various horses’ conformations. Great to share expertise on a topic that influences your horse’s performance and comfort so significantly! […]

Collecting Equine Bone Marrow For Stem Cell Therapy

Bone Marrow Harvest Procedure: Bone marrow harvests are typically an “outpatient procedure” meaning you can haul your horse in to the clinic, have the harvest performed and take your horse back home within the same afternoon.  You should plan to be at the clinic for about two hours (a bit less or more depending on […]

Dr. LaPlume’s Fall Newsletter

  Pasture management: Now is the time to have your soil tested and possibly apply the appropriate products, such as lime. Fall preventative Health Care: It’s time for Fall Vaccinations and Dentistry Body condition/weight gain: If your horse is on the thin side, please call to discuss. Do not wait until winter to try to […]

Wild Horse & Burro Update From AAEP

  In the last 24 hours, you may have read about a recommendation from the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regarding the potential sale or euthanasia of thousands of wild horses and burros. This recommendation has received national attention. While most AAEP members are not directly […]

Sue's Dancer

What Is Equine Piroplasmosis?

Recently, 17 racing Quarter Horses in Tennessee tested positive for Equine Piroplasmosis (EP), and the investigation into this outbreak is ongoing. Piroplasmosis is considered a Foreign Animal Disease in the United States, and is thus a reportable disease in horses. Although officially considered a disease foreign to the USA, EP outbreaks occasionally occur. Read on […]

Tired Of Watching Your Horse Struggle To Breathe?

1. FOR THOSE WITH ASTHMA-LIKE RAO OR SPAOPD, EVERY BREATH CAN BE A STRUGGLE If you know a horse with one of these diseases (which you may know as equine COPD or heaves) – you’ve seen how they can suffer. Inflammation of the airways causes breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing that no horse should experience YOU […]

What Can We Do To Help Unwanted Horses?

That was the question the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the American Horse Council considered jointly. The Unwanted Horse Coalition was formed to address the this problem and invites you to become involved. As horse lovers, we share responsibility for this issue.

What’s Wrong With My Horse’s Eye?

Eye problems are more prevalent through the summer and fall. It is important to be aware that any eye problem should be considered serious and addressed in a timely manner. Certain eye conditions can progress quite rapidly (within 24 hours), becoming so serious that the horse will need to have the eye removed or will […]

Taking A Closer Look: How Blood Tests Can Add To Your Horse’s Exam

There are times when your veterinarian might advise running some “bloodwork” on your horse, but why? What information is gained, and how might it help? The answer depends on the specific tests run. Obviously, there are blood tests to detect the presence of specific viruses and bacteria that cause diseases, but what about the hematology […]

Does Your Horse Have Heaves?

Blue Ridge Equine Clinic is participating with Boehringer-Ingelheim in a clinical trial of an investigational medication for horses with heaves. To learn more, follow this link: Please let us know if you have any questions or think your horse may be a candidate.

Spring Surprise!

On an early morning in March, Susan Drillock went out to the barn, as she does every morning, to feed her horses. Included in her herd were Bandit and Bonnie, a pair of miniatures adopted from a neighbor. They had lived together for years with little interaction with people; although Bandit was halter broke, Bonnie […]

Client Thanks BREC Team

Pam bought her horse, Swan’s Honor, at Elysian Hills in Marshall, Virginia, as a four year old. The pair learned, competed and foxhunted together and Pam believed he was her horse of a lifetime. When Honor became acutely ill, of course Pam was terribly worried. Last week, we received this lovely note from her: “One year ago, […]