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Reminder To Vaccinate Your Pets Against Rabies

On 6/21/2013, a case of rabies was reported in a fox in Midlothian, Virginia. Among wild animals, the disease is most often reported in skunks and raccoons but is also found in bats and foxes, and usually is transmitted from the saliva of an infected animal into a bite wound. Every case of rabies presents […]

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Adequan On Back Order

Here is the latest update on the projected availability of Adequan:  Adequan, a reliable anti-arthritic preparation used by many of our clients, is temporarily on back order for an undetermined time.  The veterinarians at Blue Ridge Equine Clinic are evaluating substitute products, which should be discussed with clients on a case by case basis […]

Equine Parasite Resistance

Gastrointestinal parasite resistance is an emerging problem in horses. For decades we have seen the development of resistance to dewormers in small strongyles (cyanthostomes). Results of a multistate study showed 97.7% of farms had small strongyles with resistance to fenbendazole and 40.5% had resistance to pyrantel (Kaplan 2004). Resistance to other types of dewormers has […]

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The Changing World Of Veterinary Drugs

It is no surprise to anyone, we are sure, that the way we purchase just about everything has changed in the last few years. Veterinary drugs are no different. We know that many of our clients struggle to make sure they are getting the best possible price on the prescriptions they need for their horses. […]

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What’s The Truth About Equine Medications?

Pharmaceuticals vs. Medical Devices:  There have been many recent questions regarding some “new drugs” used to treat joint disease in the horse such as Chondroprotec, Polyglcan and PentAussie. Many of these products are not drugs or pharmaceuticals but are brought to the market place as veterinary devices. Veterinary devices are often perceived, or appear to […]

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GastroGard Versus UlcerGard – Protect Your Horse From Equine Ulcers

It is estimated that up to 60% of equines suffer from gastric ulcers, and the percentage can be even higher for horses in certain disciplines like eventing and racing.  GastroGard and UlcerGard are the medications of choice to protect horses against ulcers, but  the difference between them is often a point of confusion for horse owners.  […]

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Equine Stem Cell Therapy Holds Great Promise

Stem cell therapy for horses is a form of regenerative medicine, which is the field of veterinary medicine that involves creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissues or organs. This is an evolving field that holds great promise. Bone marrow was collected from this horse and sent to a commercial stem cell laboratory. At the laboratory, […]

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