Equine Ophthalmology: Focus For Virginia Veterinarians On Saturday

The weather may have been dreary, but Saturday was far from dull for fifty equine veterinarians at the Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville. Blue Ridge Equine Clinic’s 9th Annual Equine Practitioners Seminar featured Dr. Amber Labelle, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVO presenting an in-depth look at all aspects of equine ophthalmology.

Dr. Labelle covered:

* Eye exam tips and tactics

* Study of the cornea: anatomy, wound healing, ulcers, treatment, complicating factors, disease

* Equine recurrent uveitis: role of Lepto, relationship to breed, clinical signs, ocular ultrasound, treatment and goals

* Equine ocular neoplasia: squamous cell carcinoma, diagnosis and treatment, third eyelid treatment, periocular sarcoids, eyelid melanoma, extraocular lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, equine intraocular melanocytic neoplasia, intraocular neuroectodermal tumors, orbital extra-adrenal paraganglioma and orbital neoplasia

*  Case studies

Dr. Katy Cilinski, Secretary of the Virginia Association of Equine Practitioners

(VAEP) gave an overview of the group’s educational offerings and encouraged everyone to take advantage of membership opportunities. The new VAEP board was elected and looks forward to serving equine veterinarians in 2015.

Many thanks to Dr. Labelle for an informative, entertaining presentation and to our program sponsors: VAEP, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Zoetis, Henry Schein, Merck, Platinum Plus, Abaxis, Sound, Idexx, Adequan and Equine Partners of America. Without their support, this level of quality continuing education for equine veterinarians would not be possible.