Feed room

What is grain overload?

Are you ready for your next show?

As things slowly start to open back up, we want to make sure you are fully prepared and equipped to get on the road again! We followed https://horserookie.com/packing-horse-trailering-checklist/ and put together a printer-friendly checklist for you to have. Click the link below!        Show checklist printable PDF              […]

What should you know about Dormosedan Gel?

What is Dormosedan Gel? Dormosedan or “dorm gel” is an oral sedative that is administered under your horse’s tongue as it is not meant to be swallowed by the horse. The gel should not be used in addition to any other sedatives. How long will it last? The gel needs about 40 minutes to take […]


The Who, What, and When of an MRI

  What is an MRI? MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. To explain how it works can be difficult, but I will try to break it down into its simplest form. The MRI uses magnetic fields and computer-generated radiofrequency waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues in your body. The magnetic field […]


VACCINATIONS FOR FOALS   **ALL VACCINATION PROGRAMS SHOULD BE DEVELOPED IN CONSULTATION WITH A LICENSED VETERINARIAN** The two categories below reflect differences in the foal’s susceptibility to disease and ability to mount an appropriate immune response to vaccination based on the presence (or absence) of maternal antibodies derived from colostrum.  The phenomenon of maternal antibody […]


  VACCINATIONS FOR ADULT HORSES   **ALL VACCINATION PROGRAMS SHOULD BE DEVELOPED IN CONSULTATION WITH A LICENSED VETERINARIAN**     DISEASE Broodmares Other Adult Horses (> 1 year of age)   previously vaccinated against the disease indicated Other Adult Horses (> 1 year of age) unvaccinated or lacking vaccination history   COMMENTS   Tetanus   […]

Blue Ridge Equine Clinic Deworming Protocol

                                                                                 Blue Ridge Equine Clinic Deworming Protocol   Adult LOW Shedder Schedule **to be used for […]

In case of emergency!

Are you traveling for the holidays and leaving your horses in someone else’s care? BREC has put together an “In case of an emergency” care sheet that will provide your barn caretaker with all the essential information needed in case anything should happen while you are away! The first page includes all emergency contacts and […]

Potomac Horse Fever Facts

Potomac Horse Fever Facts Summertime, and the living is easy…for the carriers of Potomac Horse Fever (PHF). Our wet spring and recent hot weather provide favorable environments for the aquatic insects and snails that carry the bacteria and infect horses. Here are some key pieces of information about PHF that can help protect your horses: […]

Emergency Planning

The old adage states that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and that is especially true in emergency situations, and even more so with horses. Emergencies at an equine facility can range from a horse with a wound, illness, or colic to a barn fire to natural disasters and beyond. Preparation […]