Equine Reproduction

Blue Ridge Equine Clinic is proud to offer a full line of reproductive services for your breeding program, regardless of size. With mobile ultrasound, we can bring complete services right to your farm. Whether you have one mare or a dozen, we can help you get that perfect foal for which you’ve been hoping.

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Reproductive Medicine

Breeding – We have experience working with programs that use shipped cooled semen or frozen semen. Many of our clients choose frozen semen for its convenience. Modern advances in this technique make it more accessible to those who were intimidated by the historically intensive nature of working with frozen semen. We can help you make the decision that is right for you, your mare, and your budget.

Embryo Transfer – For clients who would like a foal from a mare who is competing, embryo transfer may be an option to consider. We have handled embryo transfers at Blue Ridge Equine Clinic for over 15 years, allowing minimal interruption of the mare’s campaign schedule while producing one or more foals with the help of recipient mares to carry the foals to term.

Pregnant Mare Care – We can customize a program to help ensure your mare gets all the care she needs during her pregnancy. This includes appropriate vaccines and deworming, as well as feeding recommendations and safe pasture management.

Foaling – We are available 24 hours a day to help with any foaling emergency or to provide assurance that all is well when the time comes for your mare to have her foal. Many clients opt to foal out their mares on their own farms, and we are glad to provide all the support they need. If you are happier to have someone else spend sleepless nights watching and waiting, we can refer you to seasoned professionals to help your mare have a smooth delivery.

Newborn/Weaning Care – Once your new prize is on the ground, we can make sure it is as healthy as possible. Newborn exams are usually performed in the first 12 hours of life to ensure that foals have received the necessary colostrum from the mare in order to have a strong immune system. A thorough exam performed at this time may discover early on if there are any issues that need treatment to prevent future problems. As your foal grows and develops during its first year, it will need close monitoring to make sure it is getting proper nutrition and that limbs are developing normally. We will help you set up a plan for necessary vaccines and deworming, which are also a major part of keeping your foal healthy and protected.